Taj Bakshi

Tajul Bakshi - Founder and CEO

Founded in the year 1999, Assam Aromas is a highly recognized firm engaged in state of art distillers Highest grades of Agarwood oils using highly mature selected oily agar woods full of aroma sourced from the nature of Assam in particular and whole North east India in particular. Besides we also deal in various derivatives like Agar chips, Agar hydrosol, Agar Dust and Agar tea. These are widely used in making various types of domestic and international items. These high quality woods are supplied on large scale through our broad distribution network. Our firm has earned huge appreciation from our clients and reached the apex of success within a decade. With our best business contacts we have vastly increased our varieties and even export our products in the international market. 

We are based in Assam and maintain the best infrastructure with all essential facilities. Our products demands are very high in the market and all our manufacturing is carried out by well trained and skilled personnel. We apply advanced tools and techniques which help us to meet the rising necessities of our clients.  All our purchasing, manufacturing and processing jobs are executed under the supervision of experts and we always try to meet our clients’ delivery schedule.  Our high dedication, best experience, and moral business policies have helped us in maintaining a reliable position in the market. 
The only person to be contacted is Mr. Tajul Bakshi who is the Founder and CEO. He has been instructing and supporting the diverse requirements of his clients and with his knowledge and experience has helped to stand as a tough competitors of the market.